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Our Story

Thank you for visiting Double Batch Gluten Free Bakery! My name is Andria and I live with my husband and twin daughters (hence Double Batch!) in Avon, Ohio. Ever since my mom was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease a few years ago, I have been trying to make desserts that not only she could eat, but also something that everyone else in the family could enjoy.  After I learned more about Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance, it seemed that I started hearing more and more about people who stopped eating gluten simply because they felt better after having eliminated it from their diet.


In 2022, my mother-in-law, who also has a gluten sensitivity, came across an article about gluten intolerance in children.  One of my twins, who had just turned 4, fit the description.  We immediately changed her diet and the difference that it made within just one week was unbelievable!  I've always enjoyed baking (thanks, Easy Bake Oven!) but it wasn't until that moment that I decided to pursue my passion into something more.  Gluten Free baking has been a fun challenge and I've really enjoyed testing different recipes to find what works, and more importantly what definitely does not work when it comes to gluten free baked goods.   My ultimate goal is to make desserts that everyone can enjoy, not just something that's "good for gluten free".  

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